Here you will find a quick survey designed to  help you assess your current Vending provider

Company Details


    Is your current Vending Machine:
    - Modern and attractive?
    - Fitted with bright energy saving LED lighting?
    - Regularly cleaned and attractive to your staff and visitors?
    - Consistently "Out of Order" or not working 100%?

    Payment And Technology

    Does your current Vending Machine:
    - Issue a refund if a product fails to vend?
    - Allow Credit Card / Mobile Wallet Purchases?
    - Accept new style Australian Bank Notes?
    - Constantly reject notes and coins?

    Service Provider

    Is your current provider:
    - Service and refill the machine on a regular basis?
    - Quick to respond to requests and rectify faults?
    - Friendly and easy to deal with?
    - Well presented, showing respect to your organisation and customers?
    - Quick to issue refunds in the event of a fault?


    Do you find:
    - Products to be Out of Date more often than not?
    - The machine is filled with tasty well known and reputable product brands?
    - That requesting products to be simple and straightforward?

    Insurance / Liability

    - Have you been provided proof of all relevant liability and insurance certificates?